4 Seasons Farm Market

We Grow What We Sell, Fresh For You, All Year Around!  

Please Do Not Order through our website or email! Call us at (570) 833-4592

To Place an order with 4 Seasons Farm Market please call your order in to (570) 833-4592 with the day that you plan to visit 4 Seasons Farm Market to pick your order up and we will have it waiting for you.




Kale (Temporarily out of Stock)

Lettuce (Temporarily out of Stock)

Swiss Chard (Temporarily out of Stock)

Spinach (Temporarily out of Stock)

Oriental Greens (Temporarily out of Stock)

Arugula (Temporarily out of Stock)



Red Beets

Red Potatoes

White Potatoes

 Blue Potatoes

Yellow Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Jerusalem Artichokes

Winter Squash (Delacata, Acorn, Sunshine, Spaghetti, Turks Turban, Butter Cup, Butternut, Hubbard, Pie Squash)

Updated 1/27/2017